Vote On The vNT Mining Pools’ NT Output Plan For The 3rd Game Season on BNB Chain

2 min readAug 29, 2022

Dear NEXTYPE community, the 3rd game season of the vNT Mining Pool and NT-USDT LP Pool on BNB Chain will officially start, lasting from 6 AM UTC on September 1st to 4 AM UTC on October 1st.

The total amount of NT output on the BNB Chain this season will be decided by community voting, and the NT is from the NEXTYPE Community Treasury. After the output details are determined, the NT allocations will be distributed in different mining pools according to the following ratio.

On BNB Chain

  • vNT Mining Pool: 60%
  • NFT Mining Pool: 10%
  • NT-USDT LP Mining Pool: 30%


  • NT-USDT LP Mining Pool: NT output is 60% of the total output in the NT-USDT LP Mining Pool on BNB Chain.

The community voting will determine the NT output details in the vNT Mining Pool on BNB Chain for the first season. Which option would you like to support?

Voting time: 6 AM UTC on August 30th — 4 PM UTC on August 31th
Snapshot time: 6 AM UTC on August 30th
Voting link: TBD


  1. Players holding vNT in their BNB Chain wallet before 6 AM UTC on August 30th can participate in the voting.
  2. The votes will be launched on the Snapshot before the start of each new season on BNB Chain, and the community will decide the NT output details.




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