To Our Communities and Players

3 min readDec 6, 2021


Dear NEXTYPE Community,

Since TGE in July 2021, NEXTYPE with its products has been online for more than 4 months. We started our GameFi journey on HECO and our operations on BSC in October. We have attracted more than 300,000 players to learn about games and products in NEXTYPE through our marketing works. And we would like to express our highest gratitude to all our community members.

We are sure that most players first learned about NEXTYPE from MiningTycoon. Yes, some players will think it very interesting with P2E mechanism, but there are also some players who think this game is too easy and hard to get addicted to. Thus, we would like to emphasize again that the positioning of MiningTycoon is the engine of NEXTYPE ecosystem. Its core function is to produce NEXTYPE platform tokens NT. With this positioning, we designed a series of gameplay hoping to let players feel some fun of the game while mining, but this does not change the functional positioning of MiningTycoon. We also hope that all players can clearly understand that MiningTycoon is the NT factory and the engine of NEXTYPE ecosystem.

As the amount of NT mined by players is about to reach the target at the first phase, we also officially presented the MiningTycoon V2 to the community. There are several key points for all our community and partners when this new version is officially coming.

1. NT has been designed with a more attractive initial output plan. We believe many players have earned revenue by mining in MiningTycoon, and if you agree with the value of NEXTYPE and insist on participating in various products and operation campaigns of NEXTYPE, you will continue to earn more.

2. As every player thoughts, the current high output of NT won’t last forever, because we always hope that the output and consumption of NT will reach a virtuous cycle. As new players join us and new games are launched, the output of NT will gradually level off, and the value of liquidity will be more vital.

3. We will prioritize the opening of the mining pool cap of the Rookie Pools before the arrival of V2. We will also standardize the NT output of the Rookie Pools, Master Pools, and Tycoon Pools so that every veteran player can feel some of the changes that V2 will bring in advance through these adjustments. At the same time, it will be easier for new players to participate in the game quickly.

4. MiningTycoon V2 is a revolutionary upgrade. In addition to the adjustments of the mining pools, we will present more new gameplays to make mining more interesting.

In addition to the adjustments about the NT output, we hope our community members can get a complete vision of NEXTYPE and the direction we are working on.

The core positioning of NEXTYPE is to be the world’s leading blockchain game distribution platform. NEXTYPE will continue to focus on the distribution of new games and the infrastructure construction of the platform for the next phase. Starting with REBORN, we hope to reach crypto enthusiasts currently following the GameFi in a more broad way and attract them to follow NEXTYPE and join the high-quality blockchain games we will present.

In the next month, you will see the new games released by NEXTYPE, and NT holders will get the initial rights to experience the games and the P2E journey earlier.

The new official website of NEXTYPE has entered the development stage, which will show all the backers the panoramic plan of NEXTYPE with a new look. Furthermore, the latest version white paper is also in the final optimization stage and will be officially released along with the launch of the new website.

NEXTYPE is about to move to a brand new stage in the last month of 2021 and welcome 2022 with a new attitude!

Last but not least, thank you to all NEXTYPE supporters and look forward to NEXTYPE’s new debut.

Yours Sincerely


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