NT Burning and Locking up

2 min readDec 9, 2022

Dear Communities,
Winter is coming to us but the winter of crypto arrived several months before. It is a difficult period and a serious challenge to everyone in this industry. According to data from research institutions, $2.2 trillion in funds left the crypto world, but fortunately, we still have you. That is why although the bearish market goes on, we are still standing here with our community.

We estimate that this terrible situation would not end very soon, therefore, to bring more confidence to our community and supporters who follow us along the journey, we decided to execute the following actions:

1. Massive NT Burning

We will burn up 355.3 Million NT at one time to reduce and avoid potential inflation.

The burning will be executed in the next few days, please stay tuned for the official announcement.

2. NT Locking-up

We will lock up the NT allocation for the team and NEXTYPE Foundation for 1 year.

The locking-up will be executed in the next few days, and we will announce the address of the locking smart contract then.

3. Empowerments of vNT

As the governance Token of the NEXTYPE ecosystem, vNT did not get enough attention before. We realize that vNT is an important section in a whole circle among the products, communities, and tokens.

Next, we will take a series of moves to bring more benefits and powers to vNT, so that our communities would have more incentives to accelerate the circulation of the NT ecosystem.

Surviving is the priority in the crypto winter. We are trying our best to make it and we want to show our determination to our communities as well. Without your support and love, NEXTYPE would be nobody. So, please continue to stand with us to embrace the next spring.

Last but not least, we want to show our most sincere thanks to CoinBorsaFamily for their constant support. It is always warmful to have friends in cold. We truly believe we can reach the sunny tomorrow by joining hands with one of the most powerful communities in the crypto world.




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