NEXTYPE Mid-Month Report [June 16— June 30]

  1. Highlight
  • NEXTYPE Incubator is founded.
  • NFT Master V2 is officially launched.
  • NFT Arena is officially launched.
  • NT Locking Pool and vNT Mining Pool are officially launched in MiningTycoon V2.
  • NEXTYPE Referral Campaign is started in NT GameBox.
  • NEXTYPE Community Leader Incentive Plan is started.
  • NEXTYPE is officially listed on Binance NFT Market.
  • The final option of Mining Pools’ NT Output in the S1 is chosen by DAO: 700K NT output.
  • The final option of NFT Arena S1 is chosen by DAO: 1NT=1Stamina, Prize Pool 500K NT

2. New Partners

  • Guild: BGG/ CFGG
  • Incubator Project: CreoEngine/ MudAi/ Twilight Game/ De-Fighter/ The Planet of the Hares/ Deftify/ ForgottenChain

3. Core Events Data

  • NEXTYPE NFT rewards in NFT.NYC: $1,060
  • 15 Genesis NFT rewards for Community Leader Incentive Plan: $22,500
  • NEXTYPE Community Leader list in the first round: 21

4. NT Data

  • Current Price: $0.01
  • Total NT Burnt: 73,666,541
  • NT output in Late-June: 550K



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