NEXTYPE Late-Month Report [Spet 16–30]

Oct 1, 2022


1. Highlight

  • Talk Show on Twitter Space — Hello GameFi Vol.4 started and ended successfully.
  • NEXTYPE joined the Twitter Space hosted by THE PLANET OF THE HARES.
  • NEXTYPE joined the Twitter Space hosted by Playverse.
  • NEXTYPE x Trantor BNB Chain Ecosystem Carnival is officially started.

2. NEXTYPE Incubator

  • NEO FANTASY: Genesis Mystery Box Sale was officially started.
  • De-Fighter: The $DFC is distributed to all Whitelist addresses which have participated in the in De-Fighter Candy Pool.

3. Co-operation

  • Partnership: Trantor, The Wake, Ave
  • Hello GameFi Vol.4: Salus Security, Seedify, FitR, Cyberpop, Revoland, MetaOne

4. Core Events Data

  • NFT Arena Season12 NT reward: 31,227 NT
  • NFT Arena Season13 NT reward: 30,040 NT
  • 4th Game Season vNT Mining Pools’NT output in October: 700K NT

5. NT Data

  • Current Price: $0.008
  • Total NT Burnt: 204,389,520 NT
  • NT output in Late-Sept: 413K




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