1. Highlight

  • Talk Show on Twitter Space — Hello GameFi Vol.4 started and ended successfully.
  • NEXTYPE joined the Twitter Space hosted by THE PLANET OF THE HARES.
  • NEXTYPE joined the Twitter Space hosted by Playverse.
  • NEXTYPE x Trantor BNB Chain Ecosystem Carnival is officially started.

2. NEXTYPE Incubator

  • NEO FANTASY: Genesis Mystery Box Sale was officially started.
  • De-Fighter: The $DFC is distributed to all Whitelist addresses which have participated in the in De-Fighter Candy Pool.

3. Co-operation

  • Partnership: Trantor, The Wake, Ave
  • Hello GameFi Vol.4: Salus Security, Seedify, FitR, Cyberpop, Revoland, MetaOne

4. Core Events Data

  • NFT Arena Season12 NT reward: 31,227 NT
  • NFT Arena Season13 NT reward: 30,040 NT
  • 4th Game Season vNT Mining Pools’NT output in October: 700K NT

5. NT Data

  • Current Price: $0.008
  • Total NT Burnt: 204,389,520 NT
  • NT output in Late-Sept: 413K



In Season 13, we will provide more NFT and Stamina rewards to active players. Let us enjoy the brilliant battles and win more rewards!

S13 New Events Introduction
S13 Time: 9 AM UTC, September 21–8 AM UTC, September 28

Event 1: NFT rewards for TOP 1 player in Credit Match
When S13 ends, the TOP 1 player on the Credit Match Ranking will receive 1 Level-3 Energy Gauss NFT.

Reward Distribution:
The rewarded NFT will be airdropped to the players’ storage in NFT Master V2 before September 30.

Event 2: Stamina rewards in Credit Match
When the S13 ends, players with over 50 credits will be rewarded with 100 Stamina for each in S14.

Reward Distribution:
The rewarded Stamina will be airdropped to the winning accounts within 24 hours after the start of the S14 on September 28.





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